Commemorate your graduation with an AUT graduation bear.

All proceeds go towards funding a scholarship

The AUT Graduation Bear not only makes a perfect gift to commemorate your special day, it also helps future students by funding a postgraduate scholarship only available to members of the AUT Alumni Network.

The bears can be purchased on graduation day at the graduation venue.

Relive your day with the AUT Graduation Ceremony DVD

Featuring the procession and the whole ceremony a professionally produced DVD is available to be ordered and picked up shortly after each ceremony.  Recent ceremony DVDs can also be ordered online.  Older ceremonies, back to 1997, are available on request, please contact us for ordering information.

Remember how good you looked with an AUT Graduation Photograph

Photographs are taken as each qualification is presented, these can be purchased from the official photographer three days after the final ceremony.  The official photographer is also available at the venue to take portraits or even family groups.